The Caterer

The Caterer

  • Caterer :

Would you like to delegate one or all of your meals to a professional caterer, we have a great suggestion!

Do you need a stocked fridge at your arrival, our partner is at your disposal.

We can suggest with confidence this caterer, tried, tested, and true!

Give them the gourmet part of your event, with their creativity and expertise they will meet and exceed all your event needs, always resulting in a truly unique event!

Vosges Location gîte de groupe dans les vosges ventron la bresse gerardmer

12 rue de l’Église


Tél :  03 29 25 41 19

– E-mail :

– Website:

Please click on the link above, there you will find their products and pricing, there is plenty to choose from right from your home!

       Bakery :


You would like fresh bread, croissants, Kouglopf, pâté Lorraine delivered to your door … from 7.45 to 8.30 a.m.

We have the solution.

Call the PACCAGNINI Bakery at 03-29-24-11-50, be sure to precise which cottage you are staying in.


Order through us, and the order will be delivered the next morning.

In any case, during your stay, we propose that you place your order every evening for next day delivery.


Pricing is the same as at the bakery, we don’t take any commission.